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At Edna F. Hinman Elementary School, we are committed to creating a secure, positive learning environment centered around respectful, responsible students, facilitated by caring teachers, and supported by home and community.

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Raiders Junior Camp Comes to Hinman

On September 22nd, Hinman Elementary hosted the Raiders Junior Camp on our campus. The students got to participate in a rigerous series of trainings and drills including passing, catching, tackles and running. Four of the Raider Junior Camp coaches came out to show the students how the professionals train for NFL and encourage them to do their best everyday. The students were excited. The staff was excited. And even some of the parents and spectators in the park next door were excited. 

We would like to formally thank the staff from the Raiders Junior Camp as well as the Raiders organization for making this momentous day a reality for many of our Himan Huskies! 

Edna F. Hinman Elementary Vision

We are committed to providing collaborative learning, embracing diversity, and maximizing the potential of each individual to prepare our students for college and career readiness.

AVID Motto

At Hinman, College is not just a is our plan. 



The Clark County School District (District) rejects all forms of racism. This policy ensures that incidents of discrimination based on race are prohibited. The District encourages all employees, students, and parents/guardians to reflect upon and take appropriate action when they are aware of racially motivated incidents, racial discrimination, and racial aggression. The importance of this policy acknowledges the negative impact experienced by individuals, the District, and society as a result of racial discrimination and racism.


Hinman Elementary School's Read By Grade 3 Specialist

Sabrina Hancock

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450 E Merlayne Dr.
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Phone: 702-799-8990

Fax 702-799-0599

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